Thursday, 16 March 2017

Light, salt water and the pull of the Sea

There is a jagged rocky point an hour down the coast that is one of my favourite spots to photograph surfers as they pick their way through the rocky platform and then plunge with their boards into the sea. I am after silhouettes, I don't yet own a sporty enough zoom to photograph them in action. To make sure there are surfers the tide has to be high and the swell has to be right with the wind coming from the north east. I google all this beforehand on the surf sites. Then I set my alarm for four thirty, drag my unwilling body into the car with my gear and go to my favourite spot. I took my swim gear for a dip later. This is the in-between season I like best until the air becomes cooler than the water. We are lucky, the sea will stay relatively warm for another month.
But back to the photography. I am still experimenting with all the various ways to get the effect I want. These were shot with a wide angle lens. Hopefully next time I will use a zoom lens to get in a little closer on the silhouettes of the surfers. My aim is to get silhouette against the sunrise shots without that much haze! Here I was experimenting with a fairly high shutter speed to 'freeze' the figures into clear silhouettes than I'd managed previously.
Click on photos to enlarge.

Have a good weekend,


  1. Thats a big effort to get up that early but worth while. Have you tried dropping the exposure down a notch and use a tripod.

    1. Thanks Diane. I was using a tripod. Dropping the exposure as the light brightens is a good idea.

  2. Stunning pictures Val, and you are incredible getting up so early in the morning. Definitely pays off, such great results. Happy St Patrick's Day :)

  3. Gosh I admire your dedication to get these incroyable images Val, you guys have been having pretty bad weather too. That's the trouble with interchangeable lens, it's not always that easy to change them in situ! You were right about mystery building yesterday just the other way around, once the old post office now a department store 😊

  4. You are doing a good job with your photos. Photography is always more fun if there is some kind of a challenge to it.

  5. Thanks everyone. I am negotiating the purchase of a second hand 70-200 zoom with beautiful optics :) I've wanted one for a long time. p.s Andy you are a braver photographer than I. Where you Iive it's a whole different ball game.