Thursday, 29 June 2017

Architectural Reflections

I love the shapes and lines of architecture. It doesn't matter if it's old or new, they all have their charm as long as there's good design. These shots are from Sydney's Barangaroo, an upwardly expanding suburb that sprang from a site where shipyards and merchant docks used to be. It's now something of a tourist precinct. People are keen to live, work or just eat by the water. It's a pleasant area to walk, eat, look around and take photos!

Have a good weekend,


  1. I love the crane reflection!

  2. Wonderful place to walk, look around and take photos, indeed! Great aspects captured, interesting shapes and lines of the buildings, as well!
    A nice weekend!

  3. Amazing buildings! I really like how you photographed them. The middle photo is so cool. :-)

  4. Thanks Ruth -There are some fine architects around!
    Thanks Marsha - I like the crane and the 'pixilated' effect of the windows
    Thanks Alexa, it's one of those places where there is always a new aspect to see and photograph
    Thanks James - a wides angle lens helps!

  5. There's some pretty incroyable architecture going on here Val, must make a point of having a look when I come over in Oct.

  6. I like your views of this new part of Sydney.