Tuesday, 20 June 2017

The Colours of Vivid

After my previous post about the Sydney Vivid Festival, I went back on the last evening with the
Canon and the tripod, mainly to shoot some of the smaller installations. Here are some favourites.

What is it about pretty coloured lights that makes us go ooh! ahhh! I don't know but the atmosphere was great.

I just have to say, in the wake of the terrible things that have happened in London and Paris and Brussels recently that streets near the waterfront were blocked off completely to traffic. Police presence was considerable and increases each year. It shouldn't be that way but that's the world we live in. My heart goes out, especially to all Londoners who've had such a bad run. 

My usual reflection-themed post will go up later in the week.


  1. Love these, especially the umbrellas...thks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Coco. With the last installation the parasols were actually moving up and down but I haven't experimented with making videos..yet.

  2. Love the umbrellas and parasols Val, looks like it was a brilliant event as always. I was lucky enough to see it last year when I was over for the birth of my grandson, my daughter was over a few weeks ago, she did a river cruise to see it, said it was fabulous!