Saturday, 29 July 2017

Medieval Fair

Hi guys,
I have no reflection shot today but instead I have been going through some photos I took earlier this month at a medieval fair north west of Sydney in a semi rural area where there is still enough open ground to experience the odd freezing night and early morning mist. I remember it was very chilly when we got there but burnt out into a dazzling sunny day. Anyway I was going through my photos wondering if any are good enough to enter into my photo club's monthly competition and thinking, 'They don't quite hit the mark'  and 'Why don't they capture what I want them to?' Well I've had something of a epiphany. Photography is all about the light. Cliche, cliche. Of course it is but not just in the scientific sense of light hitting the sensor and the amount of aperture needed and so on. It occurred to me that it is about presenting your subject in their best light. About the light hitting them from the best angle and the interaction between them and the light. So simple I'd missed it, till now. On the street and at any public event there are constraints of course, like not wanting to spook a horse or get hit by an arrow or not being able to physically get to the optimum spot because of barricades and so on. But from now on I will not think so much about where the light is in relation to me and my camera but really look at how it falls on the subject. Like I said 'duh!'

Which photo you like best?
Have a good weekend,



  1. I like photo number 3 best of all - it has a sense of mystery about it and you would never guess that it had been shot in Australia.

  2. Is that a trick? number 3 has now moved up into first spot?

  3. I love misty photos, and the first one was a great one!

  4. Thank you both. Thst photo is also my favourite and Grace I edited the post not realising you and Rune had commented.

  5. Yes, the misty photo is my favourite too. What a great picture, very dramatic in the mist. There has been a lot of strange fog in Brisbane lately - are you having the same thing down your way Val?

    1. No this was genuine frosty cold night fog.

  6. I love misty photos, and the first one was a great one!

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