Friday, 7 July 2017

More Architectural Reflections

My previous post was of modern Sydney architecture. Here are some shots of tow fine historical Sydney buildings. There's something lovely about the way sandstone absorbs then reflects light.
The building is the Department of Lands building link built in 1878 and the church reflected in the glass doors is St Mary's Cathedral. Shot with my iPhone because that's what I had with me, then edited in photoshop. By the way I often wondered how professional iPhone photographers came up with print-worthy resolution shots, you now the ones on billboards because if you blew up normal phone photos to that size they would look grainy and pixellated. They do it with special lenses attached to their iPhone cameras. Mystery solved!
link to the story about 'shot with an iPhone' advertisements

Have a good weekend everyone.


  1. What a beautiful capture.

  2. There's always a special lens and more bucks. :-)

    1. I have nothing against special attachments, it's just that they imply otherwise..

  3. Great reflections and I really like how they are framed in the building.

  4. A reflection worthy of Melbourne :-)

  5. Wonderful architectural reflections Val.